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Host our Event!

Do you have a business, mall, or venue that you'd like us to help bring business to? Allow us to host a meet and greet! We supply our backdrop setup, instant photo printer, photographer and characters. We sell photos and keepsakes to the customers, therefore there is absolutely no cost to you. You are also welcome to supply your own backdrop that advertises your business if you choose to.

A few things to note:

-As the host of the event, you are expected to advertise at your venue and any corresponding social media accounts. This advertising must include our company details along with our actual photos.

-We reserve the right to respectfully decline your request if we feel an adequate profit cannot be achieved. In this case, the corporate/promotional rate will apply should you still wish to have characters at your event.

Why choose us to promote your business?

Having a character for an event at your business is an excellent way to bring in new customers. Advertise your character appearance beforehand and you'll be sure to have a line out the door. This works great for ice cream shops, restaurants, salons, daycare open houses, dance studios, boutiques, and more! For even more business, place one of the characters outside of your building during the event (weather permitting). People passing by will want to stop and see what's going on!

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